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What managers tell us they love about managing a senior level Job Share partnership – 10 insights

We often hear stories, rumours and indeed gossip about how job shares have gone wrong or what a bad experience people have had, however there are hundreds and hundreds of good news stories that get forgotten about. I love it when I hear managers raving about the job share in their team, the positives that spill out of their mouths about the benefits to them, their wider team, the business as a whole.

How to Make a Job Sharing Situation Work

Job sharing — splitting a full-time position into two part-time jobs — is an increasingly popular flexible work arrangement. But is it really possible to share a job with another person? How can you make what looks good on paper work in reality?

10 things to include in your job share business case

Job share proposals are much more likely to be accepted by managers when you present clear business benefits, explain the logistics of how it would work and address any practical concerns. Based on our research, here are 10 things you should include.

Job Sharing in Senior Roles

At this week’s Breakfast Briefing, “Job Sharing in Senior Roles” we were delighted to welcome experienced job sharers from Unilever, Ernst and Young and Vodafone.

Do job share partners need to know each other beforehand?

Myth Buster: Job Share partners do not have to know each other or have worked together before in order to be successful

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