Job Sharing: Exploring the feasibility

Firstly, a HUGE thankyou to those of you who braved the elements last week for our session JOB SHARING: exploring the feasibility...

Firstly, a HUGE thankyou to those of you who braved the elements last week for our session JOB SHARING: exploring the feasibility. If you weren't able to make it, we're sorry we missed you!  We were delighted to hear the level of support and commitment to building awareness of job sharing as a viable career option.


We were fortunate to have an inspirational guest panellist Maggy Pigott, who has built a successful career as a job sharer with the Ministry of Justice.  Maggy has risen through the ranks along with her job share partner to a very senior role.  Maggy shared her background and insights into her career as a job sharer.  Having worked full time and part time, Maggy sees job sharing as a way of combining the best of both worlds - career and family life - and keeping your sanity!

A number of the attendees were interested in how to source a job share partner.  A key finding of the job share research is that 45% of the job sharers interviewed in our research did not know their job share partner beforehand, dispelling a commonly held myth about job sharing.  What's more, whilst 75% of job sharers sourced their partners from within the organisation, 25% were from outside. 

Our discussions highlighted that job sharers did not need to be an exact match, in fact complementary capabilities and experise are a real advantage, however personal chemistry and similar values and career aspirations were a must!

We also talked about the ways to assess your role as a potential job share, and the top tips for building a business case for your employer. There are a number of widely held pre-conceptions about job sharing - and we heard how some job sharers had overcome these. The advice was to address pre-conceptions and negaitve perceptions head on. Explaining exactly how the job share will work and how responsibilites would be shared between you was critical, along with identifiying efficiencies to be made and benefits of having a job share partnership. For more information and templates for business case design please contact

We've got a full programme of webinars and other in-person events coming shortly, so watch this space!

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